Dans ce rendez-vous, découvrez le livre photo auto-édité sélectionné par « Les Editions Bessard « 

Cette semaine, nous vous proposons « Menschen die behaupten sich zu lieben » de Eva-Marlene Etzel


How can you capture something unseizable like love between two people on a picture? A photographic approach exploring the visualization of a mystified feeling.

Daily we are surrounded by the construction of love. By ridiculous explanations or instructions in magazines, that don’t really declare anything and from pretended ideals in the media. We are overwhelmed by pictures of happy and loving people. The Internet and social Media are crammed with it, the advertisement industry paints an even prettier picture. For me the word “love” represents the most desired asset in this world, but no one has the heart to seriously think or even speak about it anymore.

I dare to approach this so called “romantic” love, this almighty and still unseizable feeling, that everyone talks about. I explore the communication of an emotion between two people that are having a relationship and the gaze of the lovers onto one another. I question reality and authenticity of a feeling which construction is as omnipresent as ever and accept it in all its sincerity and absurdity. I scrutinise the authenticity of a communicated feeling. Is the state of love only real to society and a potential partner when spoken out loud? To what extent do we communicate verbally and physically in a relationship? And how close can we get to understanding someone beyond comprehension by mutual communication?

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